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What Edith wanted...

Edith had a site with pastel colours, built by a developer. Neither did she know how to, or could she modify its structure, nor change the photos of the carousels. She had to publish texts “in blind mode” which generated a lot of redo and so she wasted time and energy. She needed a site much easier to update, rejuvenated, and of course mobile friendly.
Edith considered what to change more and more often… the colours, a “natural” background, promote her activities of children sponsorship on top of yoga, and also talk about her Masters of thought and life.

My analysis

I saw… that the structure was not balanced in terms of content and look & feel, the navigation was heavy with columns of unequal lengths. The photos needed contexts, the information shared needed to be restructured.
I advised… to highlight the yoga workshops and sessions, to improve the sites’s structure, and balance the pages’ contents, and to choose a responsive mobile friendly theme.
Edith was thus ready for the change!

The solution put in place

  • Web site: Total revamping of the site, responsive theme. “Wooden” background. Set up of the structure, choice of photos, edition of pages.
  • Off line communication: Creation of flyers and posters.
  • Support: Coaching on a relevant marketing approach and the edition of contents.
Portrait Projet KurmaOm

Edith, serene and smiling.

The goodies...

  • I publish the posts and adverts on workshops and sessions, because in the end Edith lacks bandwidth. I put in place notifications of “news” type to enliven the website.
  • I revamped the Facebook page of KurmaOm to harmonise its on line image. I now publish there summaries of the activities detailed on the site.