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Gérard's new activity

Gérard just started his activity of “Consultant in Advanced Technologies”. He wants his website to be a window for the launch of his micro-company. He wants to concentrate on his activity and asks me for a turnkey solution.
He trusts me to manage technical aspects, tools and publication. He is open to multiple suggestions.

My proposal for a multi-tool solution

  • Create the professional image of GS2X and showcase its services.
  • Build a one page website, with fast navigation, using a theme that will be minimal and responsive.
  • Complete the image with other communication tools.

Progress of the solution

  • We discussed several points to build – ahead of the site’s creation – the brand of the new “GS2X” company, in coherence with its activity: colour code, fonts, visuals.
  • For his logo, Gérard had a draft he really wanted. So I created his logo starting from this base, to enable him to feel good about his image.
  • Then I created his site and put it in place. It shows his activity, personality and services, his path and  showcases various projects.

To complete his image...

  • I proposed a choice of designs for Gérard’s business cards. All were in harmony with his graphic charter. The templates varied in size and format. Appreciative, he then asked for a French + English bilingual version.
  • I suggested a printer of choice, where I knew he could find a model that fitted his “advanced technolgogies” activity. He chose a model with a chip inside.
  • I also created his Facebook professional page, enabling him to show his activity on the leader of social networks.
GS2X image

From the first interview, my discussions with Gérard on his career, his activity and his context enabled me to define a solution that corresponded to him.
Then, at each key step, I submitted to him the possible choices and the progress on the texts and the site.
This way, Gérard was able to appropriate the translation into texts and visuals of his activity’s creation.