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A garden…

A pro’s garden.

Ready to be picked.
Ready to be eaten, right there, in the garden.
A smell and a taste that can only be found there.

A perfect row

Leaves and earth, greens and browns.
A garden gives us a beautiful sight, awakening our senses and preparing us for the pleasure of tasting its treasures.


If you take a close look, you will see that a garden combines useful and agreeable.
Garlic flower, simple et sturdy, and as beautiful as roses and lilac.

Site B… for blog


A blog site is a sort of on line diary. It can only be dynamic and prosperous if you post information very regularly. Articles are sorted by date. Categories and key words facilitate searches. You can enable visitors to send comments on an article.

Consequently, this type of site is frequently used for travel stories, recipes, publications on specific subjects (example : page “A garden”).
Various layouts are possible.