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Expert in communications


My services

My services

Digital communication

web sites, one page or complex with multiple options, maintenance and support,
professional pages on social networks, community moderation

websites and social networks

A template here below seems to correspond to your project? It’s perfect!

I propose to adapt it to your activity, needs and branding. Numerous options are available to customise the site and make it “distinctly yours”.


Adapting a template to your project includes by default:

  • To write or rewrite pages and posts
  • To replace colours and visuals with your branding
  • To add contents, legal mentions and credits
  • To activate buttons and links (fake or inactive in the demos)
  • To modify simple structures such as the number of testimonies or menus
  • Options

    Whether you choose a simple or complex template, many options enable to customise it further and optimise your site.

    • Basic options: Addition of counters, of a google map with pointers on your premises, photos optimisation…
    • Options with development: Installation of plug-ins such as e-commerce, multi-lingual, subscription to a newsletter, vidéos, natural referencing, full redesign…

    Thematic communications

    Thematic workshops facilitation.
    Change management, project, crisis and events communications.
    Marketing approach and coaching. Communication plan.
    Logistics and administration.

    Editorial services

    Contents, posts, news,
    proofreading and editing.
    Résumés and reports.

    Branding and infographics


    • Definition, pitch, name, image, logo, slogan. 
    • To be visible and immediately recognised, create a global image for your company or project that is meaningful, consistent, and which combines strong visuals, punchy names and slogans that illustrate your vision and offer. 
    • Harmonise your branding on all supports and media, online and offline.


    • Business cards, letterheads: Key elements of your image. Choose one of our proposals, all designed in harmony with your branding.
    • Flyers, posters : To launch an event or a product.
    • Brochures, catalogues: To present a project in depth, or your whole portfolio.

    Your contact


    Dominique LA MANTIA

    Expert in communications

    Many years of experience as manager in charge of information or communication in high tech or front line companies have enabled me to acquire, diversify and keep updated my competencies and skills in these sectors in constant evolution.

    I now offer my services to other entrepreneurs, SME’s, associations and  individuals in the South of France or wanting to tackle this market.

    Attentive to others, I like to work in partnership with my customers, to customise and optimise the services that I offer through a collaboration that is both constructive and efficient. We can meet in person or collaborate remotely.


    Attentive listening, able to translate my objectives in concrete realisation, going beyond what I thought I wanted.
    Her neat realisation exceeded my expectations too: A service provider to recommend to your friends.

    Gérard Stehelin


    To work in collaboration with “DLM” is extremely easy as she is of an enthusiastic, dynamic, reactive and efficient nature. To revamp my site meant for me to redo the visual, graphic and structural parts. DLM coached me to rewrite some texts. Her varied competencies and her coaching enabled me to obtain a site that is visible, well referenced, and which reflects my personality and engagements with accuracy.

    Edith Groshenny

    Association KurmaOm

    Let's talk about your activity or your project